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Hairline Hairstrokes & Restoration

Starting at $500 I $200 8-12 Week Touch up

Price varies depending on size of area


What is Hairline Hairstrokes & Restoration

Just like microblading, hairline hairstrokes are done by using a manual tiny blade (similar to a very tiny exacto knife) creating thin superficial cuts into the skin that mimic the look of real hair. Audrey follows your natural hair pattern to create the most realistic hairline for each client. Color and density is  custom tailored to each individual client to achieve the most natural look.

The hairstrokes fill the hairline where thinning and hair loss are present, creating a fuller looking hairline.

We can also add more density and restore your hairline by using a tattoo machine and creating tiny dots in the hairline that look like hair follicles creating a fuller looking hairline and filling any areas that may be thinning .

Service Time & What To Expect

Hairline hairstrokes and restoration can take about an hour. Most of that time is dedicated to numbing as the scalp can be a sensitive area to work on. Audrey will draw out the area that she is going to fill so you can see your new hairline before she starts the procedure and you approve 100%

Audrey will walk you through every step of the process before she is about to do it. She uses a two step numbing process that insures you are completely comfortable and practically pain free!


After Care

Day 1 ~ You will be provided medicated wipes to use to dab off lymph fluid from the treated area for about an hour to minimize scabbing.

Day 2 - 4 try to avoid washing the treated area for as many days as possible (2-4). When washing the hair, wash and dry gently, do not scrub or over wash the scalp and when combing your hair do so very gently trying not to scrape the comb or brush on your scalp.

Avoid heavy sweating, working out, sun exposure, tanning, sleeping on your stomach or side and do not pick as the area is healing.

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