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Combo Brow (Microshading)

$475 I $125 6-8 Week Touchup

$225 6 Month Touchup

$325 Annual Touch Up/Color Refresh


What is a Combo Brow

Combo brows also known as microshading is a combination of both microblading which is done by using a manual tiny blade (similar to a very tiny exacto knife) creating thin superficial cuts into the skin that mimic the look of real hair. Audrey follows your naturals shape and hair pattern to create the most realistic eyebrow for each client and shading, which is either done with a manual tool similar to stippling or a tattoo machine for a more dense looking brow. Color and shape are custom tailored to each individual client to achieve the most natural look.

Service Time & What To Expect

Combo brows typically take about and hour start to finish including numbing, discussing shape and drawing on the brows before I start the procedure you approve 100%

Audrey will walk you through every step of the process before she is about to do it. She uses a two step numbing process that insures you are completely comfortable and practically pain free!


After Care

Day 1 ~ You will be provided medicated wipes to use to dab off lymph fluid from your brows for about an hour to minimize scabbing.

Day 2 ~ Wash brows morning and night outside of the shower using gentle soap and warm water. Blot dry and then apply aftercare (which will be provided) as needed throughout the day to ensure brows stay moisturized, typically 3-4 times a day.

Avoid heavy sweating, working out, sun exposure, tanning, sleeping on your stomach or side and do not pick as the brows are healing. 

A full aftercare sheet with detailed information will be provided to you after your initial appointment and below. During any point of the healing process do not hesitate to reach out with any questions.

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